As Far As Conversations Go

Hello old man,
Hello kid, what’s your name?
My name is Jerome.
Hi Jerome, you can call me Santa.
Okay Santa, what do you do?
I’m the old man who bring gifts for you in a season like this you call Christmas.
Did you bring a bicycle for me?
Errrrm… I brought something better than a bicycle Jerome, wanna see? (collects gift from elf and open).
I don’t want anything if not a bicycle, mommy says you grant wishes, why can’t you give me a bicycle? (looks sad)
Heeeey! Look what I’ve got here, a pen and a book, do you know what this pen and book does? It allows you to write all your wishes and they come true. (Passes gift to child)
Is that a promise mister Santa?
Yes it is.
Okay Santa.
Bye Jerome (boy runs along to meet big brother).


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