Scars (Short Stories)

When we heard the bang on the door, everyone including our kitten Maxwell jumped out of our skins. That wasn’t how our father knocked, and that too wasn’t recognized as our mother’s knock. Both dealt a light blow that was well-rehearsed; only three raps that was repeated when no response was heard. Over time, we already recognized the texture of their knuckles against the door. So, we all concluded that from the silently loud successive raps on the door, that would be Reverend Father Dan O’Brien whom we have been expecting to come give mother her holy communion at home – a rite which was obliged if someone is sick and cannot make it to church.

Eric dashed out of the room to make sure things were not out of place in the parlor. Kenneth had disappeared into the kitchen to prepare the dish to serve Father Dan his favorite vegetable mix after the communion was given to mum. Dominic, the youngest had sped off into the bedroom to inform mum that the Eucharistic Minister was here to pray and give her the body of Christ. I was the only one who moved last- a decision I came to regret.

Seeing everyone had assigned various roles to themselves, I opted to rush to the living room with Eric to assist in rearranging the throw pillows and maybe reorganize displaced furniture. As I moved the curtain aside to see how far arranged the room was, Eric threw a metal cup my direction with the intention that I would catch it, but I didn’t. The mouth of the metal cup was sharp. It landed just slightly below my right eyebrow and I dropped right to the floor bleeding profusely.

As I yelped and screamed, the knock on the door increased. Ken took off his shirt to place on the bleeding eye to reduce the out pour. Mum already rushed to the scene and was visibly shaking. Dom brought a bowl of water so that Ken could rinse and squeeze and replace the shirt on the bleeding eye. Eric already got to the door to open it. And right there stood our neighbor’s 4-year-old son with a smile on his face. “My mother said I should ask if your mother is around,” was all he said.


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