Review: “Morticians” by Sango ft. GrandSun

A piece laced with hard truth on the Nigerian narrative. Corruption, gerontocracy, oligarchy, terrorism are amongst the few menace running the everyday streets in Nigeria.

The song writer comes in like a town crier from the old oyo empire pleading to his peers and youths alike to wake up from their slumber, and refuse to just stare as everything seems to be going down the drain.

“Gbajumo ti o gbe wa la te wo gba” meaning “We always choose to wholeheartedly accept the elites that do not have us in mind.”
This summarizes the whole bulk of the message, hence the need for the up and coming generation to rise and take a stand for our future.

The poet went further to highlight the different issues rocking this boat called Nigeria – fraud, Boko Haram, diversion of public funds.

We the youth, what would we leave behind for our children and their children?
We are betrayers betraying our own land, our beliefs if we choose to remain quiet.

Are you young?
Take a stand and let’s get this country working again.
Thought provoking piece!

Victor Oyedele

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