Review: “Is This The Moment?” By Bash Ft. Aysia

“ Is this not the moment “ is a poem written by Bash. From the well knitted words , description and emotion conveyed in the piece , I can tell that Bash is yet another hopeful Nigerian.

From the beginning of the narration , Bash was able to give us a clear picture on the subject matter;Nigeria. A land blessed but carries on it shoulder problems that could be attended to . He goes further to describe Nigeria as the “ heart of Africa “

The tone of the poet can be seen as that of anxiety, confusion, frustration,bitterness and a dash of hope.

The poet was able to use various literature devices such as imagery , a typical example can be seen where he says “The heart of Africa to beat” “ wailing political sirens “, metaphors,hyperbole, simile in lines such as “where hard work had a face and didn’t look like corruptions twin”.Repetition was handsomely used also .the title of poem “ is this not the moments we have been waiting for” was virtually repeated all through the poem, which happens to also be rhetorical.

As much as the poem appears to be a free verse, internal rhymes can be clearly seen in the piece.

Bash in his poem was able to highlight the problems of this grate nation such as tribalism , injustice ,impunity, greed, and wickedness which is crippling the very core ( unity) of which the nation was built upon by our founding father such as Awolowo, Tafawa balewa, Azikiwe.. he even goes further to praise them.

Further more, he sheds light on thing the masses are doing wrong. A typical example is that of soldiers who are to serve but instead join the force for their selfish interest, tribalism to get job in the civil service and even to be called friend. Inequality and suppression that forces our women into selling their bodies and our men running to other continents in search of greener pastures but end up doing horrible things that brings about ugly endings.

This is a poem that I will say found an audience and held their hands throughout its rendition. In my opinion , Bash did a fantastic job.


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