Review: “ArMiNNa” By Decipher J. Liman

Arminna is a poetry piece written and recorded by Decipher (Joseph Liman) who resides in the city of Jos. The poem addresses a feeling of love from a boy to a girl called Arminna.

Love is an indescribable feeling or emotion buried in the heart and ignited by fantasy or time.

The poem is timed to be for 2 minutes and has different shades of expressing love that is filled with puns and rhymes. A poem of over 40 lines, each of two lines tends to rhyme deliberately and has a great rhythm that marries the sound accompanying the poem.

The tone carries fear as the poet stutters with each line. His mood is soft like a minor chord as he hushes each line in a feeling of hurry.

Since the poet talks in second person, the theme is perceived to be of loving, longing, and recollection.

Deciphers employs figures of speeches such as metaphors, pun, rhyme, imagery, personification, similes etcetera.

The accent used in the piece is that of a Hausa-fulani person from the Northern region of Nigeria (considering the poet is from the North Central part of the country). It’s the reason he says ‘with the accent of my friend, Hassan’.

“That boy with the quiet eye across the room” is a metaphor/imagery. Quiet eye gives the meaning of shyness and timidity.

“Across the room, that loner in a private room,… In self hope he struggled to bloom, in your fantasy of jumping the broom, sweaty parks of a scary groom” this has rhyme in each line, room which is repeated twice and bloom and broom and groom. The poet is deliberate with his rhyme as the rhythm interweaves the lines to give a sensation of precision.

He repeats how shy the boy felt with “too timid to say hi, to gentle to raise his eyes” which also inculcates a rhyme hi-eyes, only this time it is impure because of the consonant sound s.

“He is your tender crush, with emotions – rush” the poet here confesses he fancies Arminna and each time he sees her he has an adrenaline pump like that of when a small kid does a bad thing and sees his mother.

“That boy with the morning eye like gazelle” explains the innocence in the boy’s feelings for Arminna.

“Your hair smelt of Cinnamon and burnt beans” gives an imagery that allows the listener have a feel of what the poet experienced while sitting in the bus with her.

“But he couldn’t cast any spell” a pun intended to mean he couldn’t ask Arminna out.

For each time we feel love and are unable to express it, it grows as a burden “his feelings like a magic bean, grew all night”. We become troubled until time passes or slides. Decipher illustrates this in the piece Arminna as all he can tell her could only be in a poem as he later says that he is the boy with the feeling of love for Arminna and because of how shy he is he relates it in second person in the poem.


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