Review: “Roofs Of War” By Emny Circuit

“Roofs of war” is a poem by Emmy Circuit, a poet who likes humor and social justice. It begins with “We were awakened by the whispers of their feet” begins the poem. This shows a once peaceful city, plate or habitation invaded by violence, a people who yearned for peace but got the opposite in return. The whole mystery causes him to question God since he can’t question anyone else, the repeatedly used rhetorical questions in “God are you there?, can you hear me? Are you watching?”. He tells of how he had to run because the war had come closer than he could survive, he lost his peace and his home. He talks of their brokenness and their search for revenge but then clarifies with “but on the Lord we wait”.

He talks of his friend Lateef, who he played with as a kid. They played with guns and helped each other up when they fell but things changed when “Lateef’s people hunted mine and this time it is no play”. Onomatopoeia is used in “tick tack” and simile in “like dew at noon they’re gone”. He talks of the soldiers whose “presence is as effective as their a sense”, social media and the government who do nothing about the situation. He also talks of the future, if there’d ever be peace again, “a place of solace” and if anyone would ever rescue them. The poem is a good reflection of our present society with leaps from one chaos to another and lives are lost which is a good listen for anyone who understands our struggle. The diction is simple and easy to relate to.


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