Review of David Oracle Onotu’s “Ode To Kachana”

David “Poetic Oracle” Onotu is one of those poets who have carved for themselves a niche in the Nigerian poetry space. His ability to use very deep metaphors in his poems is very fascinating.
He is a graduate of theatre and communications arts from the University of Jos and enjoys teaching. Most of his poems seek to address social, traditional and political issues within the Nigerian and African sphere.
In his poem “Africa,” he said
“Africa is a gun,
And Nigeria is the trigger.”

This beautifully written poem which seemed to be addressed to “Aunt Kay,” is a free verse poem that is richly fortified with great use of imagery, juxtaposition, metaphors and a whole lot of other figures of speech and elements of poetry.
There is uncertainty though at the beginning of the poem (Which might pose as a problem to the listener especially a layman) as to what the message was, but towards the middle and the end, it became clearer what the poem and poet were driving at.
The lines of the poem states clearly that despite the difference and diversity in culture and traditions of Nigerians, “Nigeria is the brilliance of a full moon” still. Though some politicians have corrupted and are still corrupting the system.
He states also,
“or the lions now fail to carry their young within their jaws”?

The poem is beautiful written altogether as it is accompanied with interesting folk music in the background, which seemed to be louder than the poets voice at some point. The music could be should have been lowered a little to avoid distracting the listeners….

Younglan Louis

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One comment

  • Nelson

    February 26, 2019 at 8:35 pm

    I especially love the depth and depiction used. The accompanying music barely made for clarity in the message of the poet. Overall thumbs up!!


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