The news paper read “ she died of love” but we all knew better . Daisy daughter of a crazy rich Asian, future lady of Vega, the flower of someone’s eye was actually someone’s punching bag and someone’s lab rat .
Daisy will swallow anything that will take her away from here , fast or slow. She claimed she didn’t know happiness and I can not tell you otherwise because I honestly do not know. But I know she wanted escape from those who used her and what she used, I saw it in her eyes the first and last time I ever saw her.

I have been up for many nights because I do not know how some one can “ die of love” … what really is love? Who was she loving ? What loved her so wrongly ?

I have been digging but last night it came to a stop. I received the call, the voice from the other end was deep but sad , it said “ Noel , this is Daisy’s father. You have done enough and it is time to stop”


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