Derailed dreams

Drip! Drip! Drip! The tap trickled. And its sound echoed into the dead of the night. I laid motionless on my bed, unwilling to put an end to that miserable sound. Like a field blooming with regret.

Tears welled up from my soul. This wasn’t how I imagined my life at 32, unmarried and saddled with endless bills. But then again, here we were. I heard my mother’s voice in my thoughts cautioning me. “I thought you were a wise girl, how did you let this happen to you.”

I didn’t like the path my mind was easing into, so I finally decided to turn off the tap properly. Immediately I did that, I regretted my actions, for the baby began to yell like a siren, apparently she found the noise soothing. I turned off one noise to be saluted by yet another.

With puffy eyes and a disheveled hair, I found my way to her cot. But Instead of picking her up, I just stood there and began to sob, and the sound of my sobs overshadowed hers.


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