Good Laugh

Oh! Not again, the last you asked, you swore on your Grand Father’s grave to pay back at the month’s end. That’s over three months already, your Grand Father must be turning restlessly in his grave.

The hard knock on the door jump started me back to life. It’s been over three hours James left with all the money I had in the house. I lost track of time, thinking about the moment I met him.

For me, it was a case of love at first sight. His smile, the way he talks fluently, with so much ease. I thought to myself, “this one would bring me the happiness I deserve.”

From then till now, I can’t remember a single moment when he brought genuine smile to my face. It was one need or another, needed for me to be solved for him. It’s been two years now, no relationship talk nor marriage gist.

Oh! The door! Who’s that?

Victor Oyedele

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