Poetry: Parts Of Me!


My eyes will strip you stark naked
Down to your soul in bits and shreds
My mind will judge you near wicked
When your spirit my cold heart weds

My fingers will run through your hair
Goosebumps will settle on your neck
You better know me like your fear
With your big hands always on deck

Let your legs leave prints in my heart
Keep your filthy stains out my pants
Water me like blossoming plants
Your head to your toes to my heart

Part I

A king with a strangled ego
Fighting but fertile futile wars
Fear, living to die a pseudo
He wins but then forgets his scores.

Part XII

For love is the only reason
This pain can taste like this; so sweet
A lover in every season
A hunter that hunts not for meat.

Part CD

Open; a topless library
With watered words paging clean
A bed, a set topiary
A Maji traveling unseen.

Interestingly shelved old books,
Pretty dresses with dreadful looks,
Lame recipes by ancient cooks.

Strange music with a lonely cord,
Calm waves that can go overboard,
Love letters written on a board.

Dragons, griffins and myths off course,
Past , present and fears like sutures,
Humans, aliens and sane creatures;

Flawlessly describe parts of me.

Against the mighty wind I walked,
Together with no one I talked.
The fire against me was brought down
And this broad smile is but a frown.

Then I saw panic take control
And I saw beauty turned forlorn
And chaos crept in too unseen.
Calmness left me too, so unclean.

The pride I built on lies fell down.
Them too: my ego, self and crown.
All that I was is but a clown,
And talent and rank will soon drown.

But if all truths were lies also,
And the lies I knew are but truths,
Then all our lives are false,
And the whole of me is untrue!

…And just like some raging tempest
weaving itself with ease for rest
beyond these creasing marks forlorn
on this heart presciently quite torn
wearing self knowledge as a crest,
parts of me cave into the jest.
Life cracks! Lord, when is it to end?
This cup is full that i should tend
alone. Tis but a cold turkey
state, much more like any turnkey
deal. Anybody wants to buy?
…got some traits I wish to tell bye

In the frightening darkness that is the debris of your light
I struggled to put together the pieces of my heart.
In bits and pieces I gathered memories,
A blend of tears and fear in savouries.
I longed for what could have or should have.
The house is empty with thoughts of you.
I want to move on, but lonely ain’t a place to start.
My head quarrels with my heart.
Should I go, or should I stay? A little of hurting,
A little of wanting, you left a yearning.
The farther I go,the closer I want to be with you.
Even in the heat of love, I chased shadows of you.
Parts of me want to stay, parts of me want to go.

Parts of me
long for days like this
When the earth is wet with heaven’s dew
And my body becomes the pages of history
Where your lofty fingers map out territories
unknown, and generations yet unborn, our story will know
Of parts of me
that know parts


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