Leonell EchaJuly 28, 2017

Let us saddle up the horses. Let’s run to midnight town! Hurry! Hurry! Slow but surely Let’s run to midnight town! Let’s reach out and pull the clouds down! Let the wild moon see me With voices raw We’d scratch and paw Let the wild moon see me. Let’s deep, dive and flirt with the […]

Leonell EchaJuly 25, 2017

My eyes will strip you stark naked Down to your soul in bits and shreds My mind will judge you near wicked When your spirit my cold heart weds My fingers will run through your hair Goosebumps will settle on your neck You better know me like your fear With your big hands always on […]

Leonell EchaJuly 19, 2017

Have you ever wondered Why monkeys often hop? How they can walk and hop altogether Perfectly nonstop? Oh, how suiting it is to anchor Our boast head-level So as to extinguish flamy rancor And deny failure a bevel. Endure the filthy Of a bitter truth For the asininity That goes with truthful lies are uncouth. […]

Leonell EchaJune 7, 2017

When cowardice were the fleas on my Virgin hair, i told myself foolish truths My being acted out scenes of my thoughts, an evasive power Till i mused at these patterns I sensed doors Which is an ear Also an obedient soldier Eavesdropping on my most sacred reflections Carrying out orders i swore i never […]

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