Poetry: Trampled!


Love laid in the coffin breathless
A heart that once beat selflessly
Hands that once gave relentlessly
Then a head that was once roofless
Now roofed by this four cornered box
How does this coffin house love?
Too small yet swallows your big smile
How? The logic eludes me
Just like width eludes the Nile
What is this life without your kind?
What else is right, if your light died?
To an eternity like you
An end should never be its hue.
The hurt maims my heart; a choke hold.
Now your warm heart has turned stone cold.
Heaven must be pure Spring bliss
To gain such a rare soul as this.

Something can go wrong with flowers,
The ones that get their petals bruised.
They perish, their hearts stop for hours
And then their blood,cold,drips, suffused.
The same is said of this soul, earth
Which is the trample battle ground.
The feet, defeat,her crumbled girth
Before the pressure quakes the sound.
Her forest bleeds, her pride is hit.
When fires come, her ground is lit.
Somethings don’t go wrong with flowers
Not all allow their petals bruise

Truth alone be told,she exclaimed
waste no time trying to explain
let your deeds and action speak out
fast tongues create feelings of doubt
like some ill trampled emotion
that halts a heart’s growth and motion.
Feeling alone and let down, aye?
There is still room to be that guy-
The same one who ploughs through worry
planting seeds of hope-not ‘sorry’.

Forgive me father , I have sinned.
He had greedily laced my heart,
To a life I had imagined.

He tamed my mind and broke my spine.
Flattened ,he placed me in his cart,
and adored like a porcupine.

Somethings are better left unsaid.
But to this I lay bare as art.
Thus; his sins can’t go unpaid .


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