Poetry: If My Dad Were My Lover.


I would carve him an endearing title
Finely chiseled with the sturdiest of care
With all the edges smoothened and polished
And the letterings of the word ‘soulmate’ etched,
As an insignia of my affections
Tied into place with strings of emotions
Plucked forth from the coloured nerves of my heart
Perhaps more-if my dad were mine lover
I’d like mum, beam with smiles hearing him
Speak words impressed on his soul by cupid
Feeding my thoughts his salient soothing voice
Knowing that as the offspring of a king
My father’s love shall always keep me safe.
With the lap outgrown, his heart is still mine

Sweet dad if only you were my lover
I’d scream out loud several times over
For what a standard you are for order
A sketch that shall wall my heart’s border
It surely will be you and no other
…..all these and more for being my lover



In the deepness of despair
While journeying in an abyss
People call new home and happiness route,
I wrote my wishes and thoughts fantasized
On the dark night of fairy land.
I refilled the buoyancy of my pen
After many years of lambaste
On whose shoulder belabor later found
Solace that caused so much than tremor.
Then the waves of sweet nonage memories
Coming from the days of yore hit me
Saying: dad was love in flesh and blood.
He never uttered the word ‘love’
But the love in him often sparkled,
Same way it did once, and ma caved in.
You felt the hands of love caressing you
When his proximity darkened
The beaming claws of froward lover boys.
Then I hoot: If my dad were my lover,
My smile would fuss the sun for splendor.


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