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In this little brown book lies my secrets
scribbled with a quill as of old
they tell the stories of joy and regrets,
the formations of destinies foretold;
of how I once lived like a sultry wretch
wet with crude thoughts that the mind loved to fetch.
In this book lies the stories of a life
fairly spent with its own share of strife;
the usual tale of having ups and downs
with answers to the why(s) of my pale frowns

For inside dis little brown book
the treasure of knowledge full ground
good and bad gist too follow inside
for instance: first page yarn on how to last
for the middle of any situation
weda the end go critical or naught.
Abeg if your mind never mature
nor even try to open dis book
sake of say e fit blind person head
with way too much revelations.
Dis little brown book get secrets inside

Noel Obinna © 2017

Noel Obinna is a graduate of the department of Building at the University of Jos. He’s a spoken word artiste and songwriter who takes up reading and writing as a hobby. He started writing in 2015 and currently resides in Jos.
Insta: smartnoel24
Twitter: brodamanSnizel
F.B: Noel Obinna
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