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This day, I took off my shirt to write out what bothers my flirt.
The night came with little light as I realized his fingers did a little mime.
When I met him,
I had a dark festoon. “Is this what I prayed for?” were the thoughts that fed my cerebrum.
What is it about him that can’t wait to infinity?
The eternal grace he walks with calls my name even when I disown myself.
I depart from the trio grace to step into disgrace.
Standing still, he knew I would rush back still standing. Who is he?
Him- The intimacy we share in Psalms makes me drive down memory lane to see how magnificent you hold your views.
I know some people expect me to write a Flowery piece of how walking down the Isle in flawless garment feels like.
I won’t go down that memory since my garment is not completely washed from the stains I had yesterday or the stains I will have tomorrow. Looking forward to dining in heavenly splendor coming as I am. No self righteousness. No selling right courses. We know there is a left before leaping to the right. Let me meet him at my personal space. So I choose where to go; Left or right.
I met him Before but I lost the marital four. I wasn’t part of the plan as I weaved my spirit with lust and pleasures.
He can’t be contaminated with a single lie, so he moved aside. He didn’t leave to condemn but to convict the being who acknowledges his emptiness seeking a revival.
Oh this piece! “Can you see me reading this? I long to meet you again since I lost you before.”
Back to where I felt your fingers on my feminine thread,
holding me to hold the things that might hold me down.
Everyday was a sweet smelling savor,
I could perceive your scent in the midst of wolves.
If I meet you again, communicate my weakness in my presence.
I am not fully aware of where I am heading, but some exploits await me. You know me like the back of my hands. You know your goals will riddle its way into mine.
I love to love you more, meet you again if I visit Baltimore.
I won’t let you go, will hold you like a king on the throne. Yes I need you now. I need your presence, sense, direction and perception. I want to laugh on the way having a dialogue with you. It doesn’t matter what people say, this race is between you and I.
The times I erred fifty times is over, I kept remembering what you already forgot. Picking up the seeds of condemnation is rooted deeply in my foundation. Maybe I can’t meet you again since I don’t believe the handwriting has been written off,wiped away by the blood.
I think I don’t deserve a fresh new start but I deserve a start that smells like lilies.
You will give me a cloak that will wake me from my slumber.
By the time this letter reaches your fauna hands,
I’d have met you again.
Show the world I am yours, because you are already mine.


© Rachel Charles


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