Something and a Feast | Umar Yogiza



My country is a feast.

Even so, only iron meal
for heavy thought champions.

Dead men mocking their graves.

My son I might be tired in my brain
when you come here, leap, leap.

Death might be anything:

Directionless paradise.
Wordly god.
The poor idols sleeping.



Silver stone handle doorway
Ache oblongs
Key-less hole for hand-less hinges

Rigor beer brotherhood.
Wait! Wait! Wait! A wait of faith.

Nothing at the doors,
where nothing goes for anything.

Horror hora
The fray President horns, doomsday opens
Baki talla, wokiya yibo



Staying here is Sodom dream
Gomorrah's sight owned our heaven.

Strong love of two enemies.
Go! Run! Ruga of ‘Legislathieves’

Wine rubbing night Utopia.
Queer ‘Executhieves’ orders.

baki talla, wokiya yibo

Chains of the king lost its insanity.
Rut's notion hooks
toxic angered fish ‘Judishary’

Rugged joy corruption
Helical amendments'
tons tortured passage.


Umar Yogiza Jr. is a Poet and Engineer, based in Abuja, Nigeria. Where he was trained to love and revered god, devil and nature. Three who struggling for his past, present and limited future. His work have appeared in Tuck Magazine, Spillwords, Ariel, 1dollar publishers, Poets in Nigeria, Thematic Journal of English Poets, ANA Reviews, Duane Poetree, 24Naija, Kalahari review, African writers etc. Facebook: Umar Yogiza Jr, Twitty: @yogizajr, Instagram: Yogiza Jr


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