Leonell EchaFebruary 23, 2017

Mixture of long nights, cut short in communion. Family pictures fading off the frame. One, two, many souls tied in union. We sail our boats off the shore. And carried little in our hearts for sure. Under-expressed closed mouthed truths . Over-expressed loud speaking gibberish. Lazying around. Fear of writing when feelings were not up […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 21, 2017

  I have started best selling stories. Somewhere in these books I would get lost In scripted memories Of happenings I thought were just… Memories. Reliving page after page. An incident of age. A rampage Of facades. A flattering… A charade. I have lived through the best pages Of sweet hunting memories. …[W]alked corridors of […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 20, 2017

To keep my neck away from a break my heart sheaths of its shell the pain risen in the veins. I am an embodiment of broken a tied end of trouble, my feet do well to rub the ground when it’s running away from me. I find it hard to believe in Saturday, I find […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 19, 2017

The lipstick roll of thick red colour Concealed the lips infested. Lips blackened and parched Not from the smoke of tobacco Nor the sanctification of nicotine But from the searing heat of invective Hanging at the doors of her mouth. Aglow with red beauty, The gates of Hell; luscious and lethal, Grief and pain it […]

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