Leonell EchaApril 28, 2017

A healthy and homely land for all race Now infected with deadly diseases Of war,killings,rhythm of guns and bombs Dropping in the ears of mother and child Unpleasant tones that presses play on heart beat. A healthy and homely land of honey Consumed by tears,sadness and bitterness Painted all over with innocent blood Crying with […]

Leonell EchaApril 24, 2017

Love! I knew her before I turned 4 She has two hands now And two lips wow I would look up at her face And my heart would race I would feel her hands fall on my butt In loving rebuke, it would hurt Love She visited sometime, I was eight For the first time, […]

Leonell EchaApril 20, 2017

1.The sun is yet to see this awe 2.That our generation holds within 1a.The sun is yet to see our awe 2b.That this generation holds within 1. Nature watches with a keen eye 2. And cosmic glass of rainbow shades 1a. Nature watches with a keen glass 2b. And cosmic eye of rainbow shades. Solomon. […]

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