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For Echa
Deep sea diver
A force to remember
Like everyday in November

Paws in flaws
Roars in words
With strides of a god

A world of peace like you want
For you and all you hold dear
A daughter or is it two now?
The one(s) you’ve longed to hold near

Birthdays are not for dying
So if you ever gave up, wake up
Today, see your silver lining
As always, keep your head up


Hey bundle of joy
Amazing super luv
Play and rewind this day again.
You are you..

Bright star
Intrigue this existence
Rebirth of A wars starred
Today I’ll say I love you over and over
Hope many gets given to you today.

Draw strength from all that’s been taken.
Arrays far from sun rays
You are “Ubiety”
Take away from the earth and fill yourself.
Over and over, I’ll say I love you.

Little lowly soul
Extra given mind
Overdosed spirit
Night of full disclosure of you.
Happy Birthday daddy. Hypermind

Baby boy, it’s your day
Play with the Sensual toys that comes your way
Give in a little to the kid
Who loves your game
Happy birthday Chu, as I fondly say.

I’ve prayed in Heaven’s name
What gift can sell my feelings lame?
Nothing compared to the fame
Being a friend, other friend, wife I claim
Happy birthday Chu, this I don’t feign.

The first birthday gift?
I wonder what it is
Is it something I can lift
In Humble bliss
Happy birthday Chu, your neck I kiss.

Carry me to that study
Where you have great books
About love and humour
I will gladly bask in the euphoria of your breath
Holding close.
Happy birthday Chu, get my loving dose. – Rachel Charles

Days with cute dates
Marked to be remembered
By families,friends,wellwishers

With a good heart
And undiluted love
With no alcoholic content

Clock work
With sweet colors
Like the mind of a young poet
A name

Wrapped with favours,
Happiness,joy,and wealth
I present from my thought and heart
To you.


With starry god like eyes
Sipping on life’s scenery
May your eyes behold good
And when they behold evil
May your soul be reminded of good

Voice that echoes royalty
Dripping of dew and reasoning
May it resonate with empathy
The voice in the wilderness
Echoing bright hope

May wisdom wrap your paths
May she call out your flaws
Smelting them to gold
Burning them to lessons
May she feasts in your thought always

May love trace your heart
Lighting your days with care
Dimming your night with romance
May love rain all the days of your life
Happy birthday Leon the ultraviolet one

Leader, Lord
Fierce, witty, bold
Word flock he waters

Guardian, motivator
Listening, mentoring, sacrificing
Like David The Annoited

Giving, teaching
Funny, reliable, palatable
The shadow of a companion

Positive, strong
Focused, Persistent, revolutionary
As loud as thunder


A day with so many words,
some many eulogies from my heart.
How do I start to describe a star
a hero, a legend one who may be myth.
Oh man! Leon a King

A flawless page of poem
you have been a string of change,
A hope for my weakened spirit
A brother from the light
to shine my night when dark.

Oh Leon, the big sun
bristling metal that decays rust.
The string of dirt that goes unwashed.
Thanks for the tour around life
Thanks for making lead gold.

Sanctified prayers shall seed you,
The roots of posterity shall bury your words.
The poems of goodness I will
So a Leona dance to your rhythm.
Happy birthday our big Chief



Turn the table, Twist the story
Braids of glory surround
Cloths of purple be dorn
A star has found his nest in the sky

Heart engraved with wisdom
Furnished with deeds of good
Bless the lines scattered across this hands
Load trucks of blessings flow

Path entwined to build bridges
Laced with shine that is golden
Trumpets horn to blow praises
Told of a lion that does not prey

A ship that is held in high esteem
Floats peacefully the anchor holds
I’ve beheld your face and tasted your mind
The feeling roses butterfly gives.



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