Surrendering with White Flag

So he viewed his reflection
Water dripping down from his hair to his bare back down to his feet. It’s been a long run, running only in his mind.
Hands strong. Veins popped out, palms sweating, chest pounding, heart beating faster then konga drums. Covered in scented petals, scarlet cream and all trying to figure out how to handle it all.
Like the middle finger on the trigger, it’s either he goes through his cleansing fast or defray his mission and surrender to his bowl of Pounded Yam and Egusi soup. Hypermind
“You give me, you give me the sweetest taboo, that’s why I’m in love with you…” Sade’s jazzy voice blazed from the small speakers in the kitchen. Nina smiled at the lyrics as she chopped the carrots for dinner, she wondered what taboos Sade was talking about. “I don’t know about your taboos and demons Sade but i sure know mine” she glared playfully at the speaker like the musician could hear what she just said. Dinner must be perfect she told herself, she promised Yuzuf she will serve her famous porridge yam dipped in carrots sauce for dinner.
They met at an engineering summit that held in the capital seven months ago. “I’ve found my woman and we will surrender ourselves to ourselves” he whispered to her when they were introduced at the dinner table of a rich client they were both hoping will work with their individual companies. She was irritated at his boldness but his confidence swayed her. She promised herself that night that she will have nothing to do with him but here she was cooking for him,longing for his presence and she understood what it meant to yield to a man but she was going to make him understand what she was willing to surrender. She was willing to give up a lot of herself that were invincible but he had to understand that she could never surrender her body.—Omolola
The colors on the curtains spoke of consequences. The portrait that sat on the wall didn’t have Cupid shooting an arrow; it had him holding a gun. For each circles the ceiling fan drew as it rotated, it’s radius weren’t accurate. Something wasn’t just right about today.

Before this month of May several cases have been recorded. Cases of rape, chauvinism and other forms of sexual violence. The streets were desert dry. At periods like this, people had to have been indoors before the neighborhood became a dark underbelly again. Not even the police patrolled at this hour.

Suddenly the cloud announced the special appearance of a mighty wind, the kind of wind that steals roofs clean off houses. The sounds of windows refusing but being forcefully shut could be heard from a very long distance. As if the wind knew it was curfew time, it carelessly swept to safety everything in its way.

Back in the house David was still pacing and peeking through the window as if to pierce through the hazy dust to trace an object. Something was coming and Cupid knew it. A glance at his photo on the wall had him loading the gun this time.

And then came the rap on the door. David turned and rushed towards the door. As he opened, the figure fell right into his arms. “I was worried about you,” David said almost under his breath! “This could have waited,” he added as he kissed her hair. “I couldn’t wait another day, Dave. Let the wars happen on our streets for all i care. Tonight i want to be your prisoner. Please take me in.” David looked her in her eyes. Jamila returned the gaze. Cupid dropped his gun and took out a cigarette. The lights went out on them. – Leon

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