Life begins at forty they say,
But you’re way pass forty this day,
I ask, when will you start living my dear,
Light lies at the end of the tunnel, yours don’t twinkle near,

Praised by many, criticized by more,
Your beauty only a few adore,
You’ve been battered,broken and hurt, leaving you sour,
With scars denting your perfect figure, can’t ignore.

Crippled still you walk,
Blinded still you see,
Robbed still you spend,
Misled still you find your way.

Heavily endowed, still you lack,
With a lot of children but you’re helpless,
A giant standing tall now lies on her back,
To stand you try but clueless.

After pain and suffering comes relieve,
For too long you aggrieve,
You’ll rise, higher than they perceive,
Now wiser no more naive.

This day,I pray you strength,
Increased health,
Unending growth,
Never seizing wealth.

Happy anniversary Nigeria.-Hijab Gurl


56 shadows

Walking down the tainted path
that bore the burden which we hatched
upon sore feet and blistering marks
decorated with blood
some said there was once a flood,
Invoked to carry the worry we foresaw
we had the incantations of our soothing eyes
breaking the waters of peace with an ice
cold term we grew asking, what is civil about it?

There were names on that list
they kept fading like the coins.
We became blind from that mist,
and kept our hands protecting our loins.
See that herb that cured the first insanity
is boiling somewhere where there’s no fire.
All I’ve seen in my years of vanity
are shadows serving my mouth to retire.

Not one or two, a number of them like 56
should we pray they seize to exist.
The Internet will only school extinction
and pave way for a greater retribution.
Our plates are still empty
our spoons have melted halfway in the dark,
I fear your serious set of missing ego
and the buried scrolls of what house we live in.
I hear we have a map
and the captain lost his compass and cap.
56 crew members in the shadows
Let hours of paid gospel make more hallows. – Rudolph

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