Keeping A Promise!


When I promised I’d be fine with you gone, I lied.
Tears flowing
In sorrows sulking
Pains excruciating
Heart hurting,

I longed for you more than a child longed his mother;
Hoping you’d come back,
Expecting you’d call,
Dreaming your figure lay beside me,
Fantasizing a happy ever after.

I promised your absence won’t hurt, but I lied.
I became broken,
Eyes swollen,
Heart stolen,
My being frozen.

But I promised to let you go when you left. This I have achieved.-Hijab Gurl.
Carelessly whispered loud words…
So I clung on to it like a soldier to his sword
I’m swinging on a pendulum
But each word is my body in motion like a momentum
You said its true!
But how can I bleed you out so blue?
So I curled up like a child to your thoughts
Between a broken heart and your words, I don’t know which hurts
Why make plans
When your truth is just another misquoted lie?
Only imaginary because you never made any.
So every decision
Was just a rogue fury mission
To break down every cell so deep
Deep into my skin to my lungs
You do it slowly and make my pain last so long
I said I’d be here
Same point with so much fear
Of what goes through your complicated mind
Praying your broken whispers don’t make me loose my mind. – Hypermind
When I said “I do”
I actually meant it.
Simple sayings of a simpleton sincerely.
This oath wants to be kept.

My hands waved to tell stories of how my bed won’t be defiled
Yet I welcomed your strange being
Played with my psychology
Paid an expensive philosophy that left a burden of why?

I started feeling sorry,
Actually, Sorry started feeling sorry for me for not honouring the object in my finger.
The finger that lingers to the demon that gingers this part
The finger that cooked with a cook book to spice up destruction
The finger that honored every lie vice ties- you claimed to be sacred.

What happened to “till death do us part”?
Did you forget to unlock your cock in her inner clock?
Did you forget to have a yellow bath so I can have white lies?
The promise exploded with different personalities
Families and aunties complaining about irregularities
The man before the “I do” had a pretty mask on.
The man after the “I do”…-Rachel Charles
Words and deeds baptized in oats
Stagnant vows that must flow
A debt without borrowing
Prophesies that must be fulfilled
Let our oaths turn to spring waters,
To those who we vouched vows...-Omolola
How did we come here again?
You were the wind
I was the ocean
We buried our promise in the sky
we both called it ‘the sun’
but you later said you preferred the moon.
And that was how you made love to the night.
I left your sight
but our promise still lit those candles
quietly, slowly, ignorantly for each other
I soon became a river
flowing to extinct in the vine of lost,
you blossomed as an everyday
the gorgeous amongst the elements
wind, air or is it breeze?
You still loved to be teased.

How have I come here alone?
Do you still bear the name priceless?
you don’t see me more often but less
with no stress to live, I have become a stream
smiling to life, sleep comes with a dream
that happiness exists not only in the night.
It was a pinky one, yellow in the morn
so when you look up our love will be born.
We are all humans, we break and die
a promise is nothing, we don’t need to tie.
I am fading gently, slowly and ignorantly
I will be no more, for a promise is world to me. – Rudolph
Paris welcomed one.
Red was the color that two wore
On the vase three reflected
Minutes had drowned four.
Inside were the five figure fines
Six coins were taken,one meant for each.
‘Enter!’ the notice read.-Leon

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