Shades of many
Many hours gone
Many tones blur
Blur tonight
Blur late
Late again
Late to be loved with joy
Joy grieving
Joy pained
Pained history
History spills
History in debt
Debt of my heart
Debt never known
Known unknowns
Known only in silence
Silence pressure
Silence bought
Bought with regrets
Bought bottles
Bottles of alcohol
Bottles unlabeled
Unlabeled room
Unlabeled color
Color of my tears
Color of fear
Fear you
Fear too much hue
Hue is you
Hue too many
Many stories
Many are shades
Shades deceptive
Shades won’t tell
Tell those pages
Tell in each stage
Stage not ring
Stage unforgiving
Unforgiving mistakes
Unforgiving guts
Guts no triumph
Guts of us all
All these words
All with swords
Swords struck
Swords with red tears
Tears on this page
Tears no joy
More. . .

©Ruddapoet 2016

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