The F.L.I.P CHALLENGE is one out of EB’s many approaches to draw knowledge from far and near, while unifying poets and writers to pursue the essence of the art, not just for art sake, but for love for art sake.

We intend to uphold the tradition of poetry and spoken word, and create a universe where meaningful words will thrive. Poetry itself is a very refined art, classic and tasteful. It blossoms in intellectual and creative capacities, while leading the poet to embrace constructive thinking; developing their minds, power of thought and concentration.

This challenge serves as an avenue through which poets and aspiring poets can draw strength and inspiration in an environment of healthy competition.


The challenge is tagged; “Fine Letters In Poetry” Challenge. To simply put, it’s called the “F.L.I.P CHALLENGE”. This will run every month. And for every month there would be two winners who would leave with the cash prizes.

Depending on the entries we get, some of the poets in the previous challenge can still contest month in month out, especially the champions.


This edition will have 16 contestants

The exercise will have 4 rounds.

The contest will be publicized and the judges will be the public.

The contest will be on held on this Facebook, under this account: “Leonell Echa”
It is expected that for the purpose of professionalism, we don’t vote our poems, or ask our friends to vote our poems. We would have a way of verifying that, as mutual friends may not coincidentally vote your poem.

The public should be allowed to decide which poem should be eliminated from the challenge.

No poem will carry the names of the poets. The poems will only be numbered; Poem 1, Poem 2, etc.

All the contestants are expected to submit their poems on the given theme and required poem type, and on the given date. Failure to adhere to these instructions and timings will mean disqualification from the challenge.

Upon the opening of the contest, each round is supposed to survive for only 60 hours, to enable the public eliminate and vote the poems.

At the end of the each round, the survivors will be announced and the next round will commence.

All poems MUST be original.

Once the poems are published on the page, none can be taken down or added. Contestants need to adhere strictly to the rules and manage time properly.



There are 16 contestants for the FLIP Challenge. They will all be required to submit their entries VIA E-MAIL to me so we can upload them with the required tags and arrangements before posting.

The first round will have all 16 entries in line with the given theme and required poem type. The audience will eliminate 4 poems out of the challenge, and we will be left with 12 contestants who will make it to Round 2.


This category will have the 12 contestants grouped: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4. Each group will have 3 members. They will engage in 4 different contests with 4 different themes- each group to one theme. 1 person will be dropped from each group, leaving a total of 8.


All the 8 survivors will be grouped into 4, to work on a theme. 1 each will be eliminated, while 4 will remain.

Round 4:

This will be the final round. The final 4 will work on a theme and the audience will vote on the basis of 1st , 2nd and 3rd positions. While the last poem will be eliminated.

The winner takes a cash prize of N10,000 with a certificate , while the 2nd and 3rd will both leave with certificates.

Enjoy The Challenge!!!!

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