prove me wrong

Honeyed tongue

For your emptiness I longed

A mere shiny stone

Feigning itself a piece of gold

Thence too many stories told

So much for the water a basket holds

Hollowness and loud noise

You can’t separate those

Loud mouthiness and lies

Faithful husband and wife

Unbreakable binds for life

You can’t divorce those hard as you try

Heard this song long enough

Falsehood gets embraced while reason is tossed

Wrong destination is begotten by wrong courses

The end lays visible from the take off

No surprises but it still hurts

Hurt more than a deep cut

I knew you are as beautiful as you are flawed

Despite do I dare to trust

Hope against hope you prove me wrong

That everyone is capable of a turn

Even a bat can land on the ground

But I was the one who was wrong

A rodent that gets attracted by an owls eyes

Won’t live long enough to realize that fatality of its fantasies

My tears and sties

Against that you can verify

My potent and infallible testimony

Can’t make right of wrong

Like you can’t have stars and the sun

Its either one or the other, never both.

Played my lot

Time to go

Time to move on

Hope you regret watching me go.

                                                                                                                                                                        © Tee2emm 2016

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One comment

  • helen

    August 3, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    Beautiful piece. Love, love it


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