On other things

every tribe blames the other
for something they are also guilty of;
“it is the ajokuta ma m’omi,
they are fond of cheating”
“violence is their thing, animals I tell you”
“he looks at you with welcoming eyes,
behind you, he’s plotting your fall”
individuals, in turn, blame each other
for bad habits, dishonesty, lies
accusing fingers are always
pointing back to the accuser
the society will not fix itself,
if the fault remains
homeless in the streets.

headspace, legroom
clear thoughts, comfort
there’s space in freedom, free thought
when you own yours,
and not have to compromise
to find another’s happiness
to wash thy sight, free
of pecks that thine may
inspire another towards purity.

Victor Oyedele

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  • QueenBeeba

    January 11, 2022 at 10:12 pm

    Awesome poetry


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