Third Day



flipping memories for heads or tails.
it starts from a letter until it’s a letter.
I was the latter until I am the latter.
this note is the way to know I note
the grey areas to omit till we turn grey.
you are another song. a remix. a refix.
take more for yourself. leave less for me.
every word you say is a variety of kisses.
I am who I am not. I am who you choose.
I let down my guard. was caught off guard.
I set this trap and I’m drowning in it.
you are who I ran from in another.
you are who I am running after in you.
I tore out a page for this story to end.
but I only had to see your eyes to
start to write another story again.
the chapter where I got it wrong.
was where I fell without you here.
a harmless pain. the desired grief.

Tomide Abdul

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  • QueenBeeba

    January 13, 2022 at 10:59 pm

    Awesome, poetry


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