On other things


All the bad things

I have a written list
Of all the bad ideas
Half of which I accidentally ticked
With my eyes somewhat open
First I blamed my feet
Then my hands, my mouth
My thoughts are the most guilty
I am the mother of unholy thoughts
Thriving on the same plain with the outcasts
I’ve heard a lot of sermons
Preached by saints and demons
I’ve seen visions too
One was about Jezebel
Living in a meek state (mistake)
I want to be good, I’m trying
This list still finds a way to stretch further
Like this voice that keeps reaching
Teaching  me to do these things
In a way, it sounds exactly like me
One minute I’m still, the next I’m dancing on broken bottles and laughing at the mess
I’m a sinner with a cross
On my way to hang at Golgotha
Only to be told
my slate has been wiped clean thousands
And thousands of ages back
Yet I’m clutching tighter to this cross


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  • QueenBeeba

    January 11, 2022 at 10:12 pm

    Awesome poetry


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