What makes your heart beat?


As a child, I heard my heart beat
When I had to walk alone in the dark
My shadow would scare me,
My friends would make scary sounds from a distance
Like I had a gun straight to my head
I would tremble even while running.

When my offences where too grave to seek forgiveness
It was sure sleepless night and lynching
If my father failed at doing his job
My mother would never let a new day breathe
Only then am I reminded of the thumping in my chest.

Overconfidence is a poison
Mine was neutralized easily
My eyes have never been moved
Neither have my senses ever failed me
Until the sun came down in her full glory
Dressed in a bright rainbow
With a touch of honey, I could taste her
My thirst spiraled up faster than Bolt
Everything else failed including time
My heart insists I must make a move
My feet won’t even flinch for a second
I prayed that my tongue would let loose
Maybe I could talk myself out of being scared
Maybe I could help my heart beat slower.

I climbed up the stairs in awe
How can anything but a house be this big?
The voices came in through a speaker
For a brief moment, I lost consciousness
Ascension began like it was rapture
Father, give me more time to deal with my scenes.

Victor Oyedele

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