A cup of tea


I am under surveillance by my doom
I quenched my thirst with an elixir
I feel life slipping away like the sands of a hourglass
Somebody save me, i am drowning in a tea cup
The poison has a gender… my poison is a she



There’s a city inside a cup of tea
A community of leaves
An ensemble of lumps that are sweet
A settling of crayons to rush of water
An unusual sense of order.



The first sip of scalding heat
That follows with the bitter sweet
The flush of skin, the beads of sweat
The taste of blends I’ll never forget
This cup of tea, is my remedy


Carefully selected among many leaves
Beautifully blended for my many eves
Earl grey, Queens Blend, can’t tell how much of these i keep
Sake of the aromas after a long steep
This cup of tea, delicious with every sip.

When the tea’s steam hit my soul
The tea kettle danced in burning pain
The feeling of earthly herbs coursing through my veins and teasing my mood
A chaotic mix of sweetness and bitterness in harmony
This heaven in a tea cup is all the Muse I needed.


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