The Sea


The torrent waves are my friends.
The calm pebbles are my play mates.
I am student of the school of fishes.
The sun is my wife and the moon my concubine
My eyes might be blind but i am the sea.



You’ve put together this sea of lies
We can barely keep our heads above
Drenched clothing and reddened eyes
Waves of revelation, push and shove
We are drowning, as the trust is dying



In the sea, under, are things that hunger.
You see, we only wonder, our minds don’t plunger.
Maybe when pirates plunder for things not under
We may see all, old and younger, the wild wonder
All in the under we seek.



I consider the sea as mother earth’s tears
Little wonder it’s salty
When her favorite child’s insults become overwhelmingly unbearable
Her eyes well up and overflows
Then she welcomes some of her children home to rest until forever…



It’s in the sea I heard they drowned,
all women with chains binding neck,
and connecting one to the other
It’s for their freedom I heard they marched,
into sea and sudden death


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