Pack up and leave! (With Audio)

Twist your mouth all you want
You murmur just like your aunt
There’s always time to wean a child
From breast milk to explore the wild
Get your jeans, your shoes and degrees,
Do not forget to drop the keys
Life’s lessons are not indoors
There are heartbreaks, being broke and bookstores
Enjoy inhaling a different air
Create a unique debonair
Time runs out, don’t forget
Avoid wasting it chasing a brunette
You are a paladin my son
And my love for you is like bullets and a gun
One can’t work without the other
But trust me, I am your mother.
Pack up and leave, you’ll survive,
How can you learn to swim if you don’t dive?
Send me a poem and a rose when you settle
And scribble “I love you” on one petal.


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