Love of my Life (With Audio)


Green eyes, love letters dancing in its pond,
The love of my life is in the pupils of another’s eyes
Ignore how he’s blinking fast; pushing through the blur the tears creates
Ignore the trees growing there, their roots are somewhere else
So when these walls pour with boredom, I have something to cuddle,
Our telegram is the moon, so on moonless nights we are sober
Begging nights to bleed to mornings so that we can hug the light
A special kind of lonely
The love of my life is a star, but it has its moods
Switching emotions from love to absence, inconsistent,
Twinkles are not beautiful here,
The love of my life is a child, thoughtless or not, I can’t say
With salty smiles and a tepid voice that calms storms unseen,
Blue eyes, waves, dolphins and a beach,
The love of my life is a place to find peace,
Ignore the dirt on the surface, shallow won’t thrive here
The love of my life is sleep, yet I am blessed with eyes that secure the night
To fight or escape terror, I cannot say, but what kind of love leaves you?
Ignore me too, I find love in things that don’t find love in me
My love is too imperfect to give the worthy lover.


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