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Replies to “Dear Jerome” Ep. 1 (With audio)

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Dear Dolph,

Thank you for writing always.Yes.
I couldn’t reply, I think I’ve been denying always. Yes.
The reason was i, i didn’t think i’m mighty always. Yes.
But i realized i couldn’t have been silent always
So, here is a reply
And between you and i
Is an ocean filled with water that came from your eyes.
The stairs to the lies that we have climbed is a proof
No more standing aloof.
What you’ve heard and what you’ve seen is only just the beginning
The dead contests with the living
Until the grave is crowded.
Don’t write to me alone, please write to yourself.
Write to Alita’s mum and dad, put a book on her shelf.
Forget about love and of heaven
Forget about what grand dad did or didn’t do
The baton has been passed to you
Among the many who were called
You’re one of the chosen few
So, don’t neglect it.
For a day will surely come when they’ll delay the sun
Ask us to pay for it to shine
And wait for it to burn.
Stand still. Stand tall
Prepare for the fall
We are made for it.
Just wait a little while,
Just wait for it.


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