Mazi, It’s Enough. Please Sit Down

Mazi Rudolph, look up to God
age is not wisdom, know that son.
Zediccus is no god, listen
in terms of the stage, please listen.
In God, there’s a nest, lay down there,
Tell him questions that border you
sail with tears that pour from your deep
Echo your worries, please sit down.
Never look down on the bare ground.
Ordained priests will still not heal you
under God’s eyes, we’re all small ants.
General Rudolph, find a seat
Heal your past of mistakes that hurt,
please sit down before thunder roars.
Leave matters for the kids at home
Eat kola and kill lost fire
Attend to matters of the nyash.
Seek the spirits tied in bottles
Ease yourself in flowing rivers.
Summon those gods and burn their guts
In case tomorrow brings the rain
Train your mind to knock still doors
Doors break down for those with big hearts
Oga please I beg you, sidon
Wait for when it’s your turn to speak
Narrate how red caps make a chief.


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