Mazi, It’s Enough. Please Sit Down

Mysteries will always unravel,
Are you maybe fragile to fall?
Zoom in to happy, you’ll find sad,
In here, no emotion is spared,
In here, nothing works perfectly,
Tell your feelings not to worry,
Sarah once waited till ninety.
Everyone has a destined pair,
Nothing here is or has been fair,
Open your heart, breathe, love, learn, love,
Use your brain, think, forgive, be wise,
Give what you want to be given,
Here, nothing works without efforts.
People are demons, choose your cross,
Life is where no one is a saint,
Explore, but pain is no comfort
And you always deserve better,
“Sorry” doesn’t mean a change from bad,
Every time is a time to learn,
Spare your peace of mind from worries,
In here, nobody is your friend,
Teach your feelings how, when to leave,
Don’t forget, you always come first,
One who unlocks his fear of the unknown,
Wife material, you’re enough
Nne, please sit down, think am twice.

Wildkhard [TA]

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