Mazi, It’s Enough. Please Sit Down


Mazi, I deserve to be heard
All is not fair like we believe
Zamfara has been on fire
Ikara is not on the news
It is neither I nor my peers
That led to the crisis on ground
Surely, where you find a river
Exist a bank, shells and foot prints
Now, why are we looking at Mars?
Obviously wasting our time
Urgency is key to most doors
Give a dog a bone at midnight
Have yourself rest without trouble
Plateau is wailing injustice
Lagos pleads for a space to breathe
Ears now choose who to listen to
Arinze would be murdered soon
Sanusi has refused school
Everything is on slow motion
So why not give the young a chance
I’ll look past the not too young bill
The truth you and I know is true
Deal this menace the hardest blow
Or we would have to lose all this
Weight with more than running at dawn
Now, sit down and think about it.

Victor Oyedele

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