How I look at Tribe and Religion


Two wings thrive in my neighborhood:
Huts with those who fight for God’s good,
Entrance with those who look like you –
With same mark, same language too.
Ask why this divide was made wide
You’ll have nobody on your side.
I’m a native of neither one
Loyal to shun, loyal to none.
On the flip side, an ancient war
Over shore and whom to adore
Knights severed limbs of many young
And tribe maimed more for mother tongue
Took livestock and those they could find
Tore the veils of those who were blind.
Read part of the annals and see
Isn’t God such an absentee!
Bible may warn against this speech
Ecclesiastes may do preach
Acts of all the apostles showed
Nothing, not even a clear road.
Divide the people and let them go!
Rebel! Let’s die in the grotto.
Exits wait for those who enter
Languish to the one dissenter.
I’m a native of none of these
Genetics and all it would squeeze
I’m unfit to fit into it
On this i would my own wrist slit
Not now. Not ever. Never will.


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