Molded By The Creator?

Dear God
You built me in a box
Haha ha ha ha
Sorry, I talk as though you do not know.
I live here and the wind passes by all day long
I watch as the sun moves over my head
Rising and setting
While only my teeth I set
I’m not angry, I’m too set in my ways
I know you are keeping me away from danger
But I need you to hold my hands
And bid me to walk with you
Just so I stretch my legs a little
Many times, the rains beat on me
I do not complain
For I love the coolness
They even make me strong
Sometimes, I can’t help myself
I look at the mountains and the hills
I look as the thunders clap their hands
I see the lightening dance like a silly girl
Wriggling her treacherous waist
But my eyes are on my head
I glue them only on you
And the radiance I see
Can only be you.


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