Molded By The Creator?

Mo du pe te mi
Priceless commodity
You’ll find in every serving plate
I have taken the world without dropping a sweat
None seem to care that I know pain
I’ve mastered the art of inflicting it on Man
But they never remember
When they rush on dodo that has seen me on a good day
Of course, they should have no reason to cry
Without remorse, they fry, dry everything in sight.

I’m the friendly neighbour from every house
I’ll rub your back and soothe your bones
I’ll grease your rubber for maximum pleasure
I’ll grease your palm, and pans
Jollof, your love
Mama Cass’s pot of stew
I’m undeniably the unsung hero.

Victor Oyedele

Mo du pe te mi – I’m grateful for what I am
Dodo – Fried plantain

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