Our Twist of Fate


To those ones on the cliff edge,
forget your soul, hold the wind.
Try everything, try to float.
Don’t make a boat from a tree,
A ladder may be useful.
Think when putting on fire,
Cause it may never go off.

If today becomes your day
And the sun opens her legs.
Don’t forget the umbrella,
It can be used for the rain
It can shield those bad curses,
Those ones that fall like hailstones.
Today may be yesterday.

While learning, ask those old ones
Inquire about vague blessings,
Ask of fate, then build a faith
Use the strong wood of hard work,
Don’t forget the nails of hope.
Destiny reveals herself
To those who open their minds.

When creating a story
Be truthful about your path
Let the bad prickle your truth
Allow tears to swallow you
Do not clothe your intentions
With haunted iniquities.
Spare the rod on your future

A twist normally occur
In the present or future
Own a skin, try and be tough
For its either rain or pain.
Bad tongues end up with sore tastes
Good lips will thus kiss sweetness.
Which wagon do you belong?


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