How can I love you less?


Your thoughts just turn on their own
The scent of your timely rain
your indescribable clouds
your hug that is a bracelet
that ties me to your soft breasts.
How can this boy love you less
when your soft lips give me more?

Your voice is my galaxy
Holding the stars of your moans.
You’re the second moon to me
Leaving me with one question,
How can this bloke love you less
When you’re answers to questions?
you’re shade to the scorching sun.

Your love is a sanctuary
And your center – my altar.
No day goes by without you.
You’re words to my true poems.
Again I ask all there is,
How can my heart love you less?
How my feet still walked your path?

In this green field, you’re my sheep
In this last breath, you’re my air.
Of precious stones, you’re the gem
You’re the sunshine and its rays
You’re everything beautiful.
If I am to love you less
My music will have no keys.


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