For Elise and Enemies


I know we barely agreed when I lived,
You were just too hard to swallow,
A needle will pass before thread gets stuck,
You always stayed ahead my deeds,
Acted like you knew it all. Well you did!

I blame myself, Satan is spared,
Blew my one chance to speak, now late to plea,
Thank you for being the pain in ass,
You came in words, forms, humans, yet I failed
To know you came to set me free.

Know its hard but don’t stop to enchant minds,
Haunt my son? Win him all you can,
This fire is much colder than l read;
Take me as scapegoat to his sins
So he lives happily and stand by you.

Don’t pour me libations, it hurts,
I’m covered in dust and too strong to bath.
Hard to say but I miss you though.
To kill your curiosity, this is from
One gone “neglector” of the truth.

Wildkhard [TA]

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