For Elise and Enemies


To the Dark Lord

Dear Satan, please look to your left and right,
tell me how do you sleep at night?
how do you feel tying my friends so tight?
I hate your cause, your gut and name,
When I lived, your cause became a bad flame,
that came to me as a fine dame.
In my dying this is how I knew you,
You’re everything so fleek and nice.

I hate that you deceived Zion’s daughter,
Stop pretending you’re my brother.
Brothers will never leave brothers alone
You’re everything bad about clones.
Two-goody-times burnt-son of the dark side.
I pray death finds you and your tide
So the Knight’s vengeance will be accomplished.

I may be dead but not for you
My soul belongs to the Earth that made me.
Don’t point a finger at my deeds
My seeds will grow and pierce your stinking soul
Cause without you, this won’t be hell

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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