Words to the clergyman


Hear this oh living!

I can not turn back the hands of time
I can’t not even tell you what is good for you
But I must tell you of what will come ,
Too bright it may blind your eyes,
Too tough it may break your heart .
Take your time all the time
And hold on to the things that will last,
Love your Neighbour as your self
and love more the ones who find it hard to love.
Be kind even when they don’t deserve it,
It pays off on this side of life.
Stop trying to be God,
Leave every judgment for the judge of judgment day.
Tell your self the truth
But most importantly be the truth,
Your life may be the light for someone’s journey.
The right things will keep you on track,
Money and fame are just distractions.
You do not have to hurry to this side ,
Be patient, your time too will come.


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