Words to the clergyman

Same ol’ Same ol’

It is true all you said, there’s nothing here.
That mention of heaven and hell
And brimstone’s fires motivated by fear,
If there’s paradise, please pray tell.

There are no gatherings at any gates.
I know you’ve been right all along.
The truth sometimes does well to irritate
When the lie looks taller and strong.

There’s nothing here, no seas, no water.
The prophecy was insincere;
No healing for this sting of disorder.
No mansions, everything is clear.

Before the undue purge of purgatory
Becomes a stream of blasphemy,
Tell them no more. You’ve told them before:
What is all the unbelief for?

It’s true all you’ve said, i saw for myself.
The same fate awaits the clergy.
I know i have been untrue to myself,
No need to read my eulogy.


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