Questions I Never Asked

They are in a dozen or two,
Maybe I should ask them of you.
Of that shining mother-of-pearl,
Amongst day and night, which came first.

Is sulphur of Hades’ sauce?
Are two gold cups served to the king?
Does the egg come before chickens?
When did God create the angels?

Questions do have fecund answers,
Why’d know pain before it could hurt,
Why’d have to live before I hate.
Who taught the one that taught us first?

Pilgrims we are, with blank pages
no answers would fit our margins.
If one plus one is equal two,
how can the church not accept it?

My questions are in dozens too
Maybe I should ask them of you.
Who’s the shining mother-of-pearl?
Between day and night, which came first?

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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