Grandma’s perfume.

At one time, it was gentle scrubs,
Hot water baths with palm kernel soap,
Then came massage with kernel oil
Accompanied by lullabies from heaven’s gate.

Blissful moments found not with me
Stories she told while I slept soundly
Joy that filled her house, I can tell now
Was way beyond stars and planets.

Nursery was fun, filled with jingles
In my tiny pocket as I bop every morning
Afternoons was such time to look forward to-
Treatments meant for chief awaits

Sweets and snacks would never go wrong
Until spanks followed the soured soups
Whoever taught me to eat fish
Tried, but didn’t complete the process.

This days, we have wordless conversations
I quietly watch her weave with her needles
Wrinkles on her once gracious face
Her grey hair is one beauty I look forward to.

As I flip through this pages of mine
There are golden moments, indescribable
Her perfume, her ways still linger
Her strong whips, words with red oil stew.

Victor Oyedele

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