Breathe through my lungs

Listening to the songs we wrote when we were young
Every line a promise, every note a lie
Open and carved smartly, our misnomers clung
Never in these thoughts did i see you die.
Even when the crisis began to take you out
Like the day you held on to time
Lips apart, body still, out i saw your life climb

I’ve got you, brother. Let’s smoke cigarettes
You and i, let’s drown in our drinks and forget
Entertain our sins because hell is a hoax, i bet.

Each day your color changes on that bed
Choosing from the many shades of the rainbow
Heaven is heaving if you must know
All i have are memories i don’t want in my head

Excuse yourself just one more time
Listen to the voice of the water at sea
I am taking off this mask tonight
Just use my lungs to breathe and be free
Ask about Susan and stream in her diary in which she’s soaked.
Hurry back, we still have some packs unsmoked.


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